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Title: Room With A View
Author(s): [livejournal.com profile] noelleleithe
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything here except my own words. No copyright infringement is intended.

Luke shed his coat, suit jacket, and shoes almost before he got all the way inside his apartment, dropping the clothes on the end of his sofa and the shoes on the floor. The rest of his clothes followed quickly, piling up into a haphazard mess. The maid would take care of them tomorrow. He had other things on his mind.

He peeled his watch off and dropped it onto the table next to the door where his keys already sat before heading down the hallway, naked. He ran a hand through his hair, knocking it free from the too-staid-for-his-taste professional style his day job demanded, as he crossed into the bathroom. He reached in to turn the shower on, the multiple jets shooting out hot and steamy water, just like he liked it.

He showered quickly, not willing to linger tonight. His cock pulsed in his hand, but he wanted more. Wanted a tight piece of ass to lose himself in.

Luckily for him, Luke Grimaldi never had trouble finding exactly what he wanted.

Showered, hair toweled dry and tousled just so, he walked across the bedroom naked, ignoring the view of Central Park through the wide, uncovered window along one wall, and stopped just inside his closet. He turned his back on the line of high-end business suits and facing the casual side of the space instead. His tightest low-rise jeans and favorite black t-shirt hung at the ready, and he made a mental note to tip the housekeeper a little extra for that.

He dressed quickly, adjusting his cock carefully to show off the assets to best advantage. Commando was the only way to go on these nights. No need for an extra layer to have to peel away before getting down to business.

Sliding his feet into black suede loafers, Luke walked back into the living room and retrieved his wallet and cell phone from the inside pockets of his discarded suit jacket. Pulling his ID, a credit card, and a few bills from the wallet, he put it down next to his keys and reached into the drawer of the small table, extracting a slimmer billfold and slipping the few items inside. He checked to be sure a condom and tube of lube were inside before sliding the new wallet and his phone into his pockets. Grabbing his keys and coat, he headed for the door.

Fifteen minutes later, he walked through the entrance of Inferno, flashing his ID at the bouncer, who waved him in. This wasn't his favorite club, but it was one of several he frequented most often. Not too often, though. He needed to change things up enough that word wouldn't get back to his father what he did on his infrequent nights out. Damian Grimaldi might be many things, but tolerant wasn't high on the list. He had no idea his scion was gay, and Luke planned to keep it that way.

Music pulsed in Luke's chest as he checked his coat and made his way to the bar. He signaled the bartender, who recognized him from previous encounters—including a couple with no bar between them—and had a whiskey sour in front of him in minutes. As usual, Luke tipped him well. He'd learned a lot of things in the few years he'd been working at Grimaldi Shipping, and one of the most important lessons had been that a little extra cash went a long way, in many different situations.

Turning to face the dance floor, Luke leaned back against the bar and scoped out the selection. Some familiar faces caught his eye, and he filed those away as possibilities. Unlike some men in his position, he had no qualms about fucking a guy more than once if he liked it the first time. It wasn't just about the novelty or the number. A fuck was a fuck, and he made sure his partners knew that, whether he'd fucked them before or not.

Movement to his left drew his attention, and he saw a tall, dark-haired man leaning across the bar a few feet away. As he watched, the man shot the bartender a smile, showing sharp canines and making the corners of his eyes crinkle. He said something to the bartender, who nodded and laughed, reaching for a glass and mixing up another whiskey sour.

Luke raised an eyebrow. He didn't tend to need lines to get someone's attention, but he'd certainly take the opportunity when they arose.

Turning back to the bar and taking a couple of steps down, he stopped next to the other man and waited for him to look over. When he did, one eyebrow raised, Luke met him with the same expression.

"Cheers," he said, holding up his glass so the man could see he had the same drink. The man's glass landed on the bar in front of him, and he turned back to pay quickly before picking up the glass and lifting it to meet Luke's.

"Cheers," he said. They drank, holding each other's gazes over the rims of their glasses as they swallowed. The man lowered his glass first, setting it down on the bar half-empty and leaning both forearms on the flat surface. "So, do we need to dance first?"

Luke lifted an eyebrow again as he put down his own glass. "I've never been one to waste time on formalities."

The other man smiled at that. "To the point. I like that," he said. "Do I at least get a name?"

"Mandatory," Luke replied immediately. "First names and condoms. Everything else is negotiable." He held out a hand. "Luke."

The man took his hand to shake. "Noah," he said. He jerked his head to the side. "Out back work for you?"

"That's what it's there for." Luke released Noah's hand and walked past him, headed straight for the nondescript door in the middle of the club's back wall. He didn't look back to see if Noah followed him. Luke knew he'd be there.

Inside, the back room was dim, with indirect lighting and walls painted dark. Luke had a favorite corner he used whenever possible, with a column that helped give a little privacy. Exhibitionism wasn't a huge part of it for him, and he was glad to see his spot was open. The room was pretty empty overall, but it was early yet. After midnight, it'd be wall to wall skin and cocks.

Luke reached the corner and turned around to find Noah practically on top of him. Without preamble, Noah wrapped a hand around the back of Luke's neck and pulled in him to a deep, dirty kiss. Luke never really cared that much about kissing one way or another. He didn't forbid it, like some guys did with tricks, but he rarely initiated it either. But fuck, did Noah ever know how to kiss. His tongue worked Luke's like a pro, his lips were just firm enough, and he already had a hand under the hem of Luke's t-shirt, rubbing the skin just below his navel.

Luke let Noah take control for a few minutes, enjoying the kissing and the teasing of Noah's fingers on his happy trail. But soon he'd had enough, and he pulled out of the kiss and grabbed Noah's arms, turning him roughly to face the wall, pressing his body against Noah's back.

"You wanna get fucked, Noah?" he growled against Noah's ear, and the noise Noah let out might as well have been an hour of nonstop begging.

Luke had Noah's jeans open and pushed down in seconds, and he was happy to find that Noah's philosophy on underwear was the same as his. He pulled back long enough to dig out his condom and lube, and when he looked back at Noah, he had braced himself on both forearms against the wall, his pale, muscular ass perfectly exposed for Luke. And Luke's eyes widened when he saw the black circle covering Noah's hole.

"Fuck." Luke shoved his pants down to his knees and stepped forward, grabbing Noah's hip with one hand and letting his hard cock ride up against Noah's lower back. "You want it bad, don't you, Noah? Came in all prepped with a plug up your ass. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna fuck you into next week, and when I'm done, I'm putting that plug back in. And you're gonna go home like that and feel like my cock's still in there."

Noah groaned and writhed under Luke. "Jesus fuck, get on with it," he hissed. "Been dying for it since I got here."

Luke leaned back just far enough to unroll the condom over his dick and add a liberal layer of lube, even though he doubted he'd need that much. He reached for the plug in Noah's ass and twisted it back and forth, each movement making Noah shudder violently.

He thought about waiting until Noah really was begging for it, but he couldn't hold off that long. He eased the plug out, letting it drop into the crotch of Noah's jeans so it wouldn't fall onto the floor, and took himself in hand, pressing into Noah's ass, still wide open from the plug. He started out slowly, knowing his thick shaft and wide head were too much for some men to take easily, but Noah whined and pushed back against him, and Luke took the hint, plunging in all the way.

He barely paused at the deepest point, going right into the fast, hard fuck he knew they both wanted. Noah gasped and cursed, and Luke wrapped both hands around Noah's hips, thrusting in deep, letting everything go. Noah shifted his arms lower, and on the next thrust he let out a keening sound that let Luke know they'd found the perfect angle. He adjusted enough to try to hit that same spot, pounding against Noah's prostate, mind falling into the state of bliss fucking always brought.

He never knew how long his fucks lasted. It never mattered to him. If he got off, it was enough. He always made sure his partner got his, too. He was a lot of things, but inconsiderate wasn't among them.

He'd just gotten to the point when he thought about giving Noah a reach-around when Noah's spine stiffened and he groaned loudly. His body jerked, and his ass clamped down around Luke, bringing his thrusts to an abrupt halt.

Luke hadn't actually seen many guys come without something on their cocks, but Noah did. He groaned again, and while Luke couldn't see it, he knew Noah was painting the wall in front of him with come. He relaxed just enough for Luke to start moving again, and he pounded Noah's ass even harder, driving toward his own climax.

He felt his balls drawing up and thrust in once, twice, and on the third thrust, he felt Noah's body clamp around him again, hard. The sensation surprised him so much that he came immediately, emptying into the condom deep inside Noah's ass. The low groan he let out ripped at his throat, and he dug his fingers into Noah's hips, keeping that tight heat around him just as long as he could.

Jesus, was the first thought that entered his mind once he could think again. He'd had plenty of hot fucks in his life, but this guy had to be in the top three. Luke tightened his fingers on the firm ass under his hands, and Noah moaned, loudly enough to make Luke's spent cock twitch.

Giving his head a shake, Luke stepped back and pulled out, wrapping up the condom and throwing it toward the can in the corner. He never missed, a rarity considering the number of used Trojans from others that had fallen short. He started to reach for his pants, but paused when the gleam of the black plug he'd pulled out of Noah jogged his memory, and he bent to retrieve it from its resting place.

Noah had started to turn, so Luke stopped him with a hand on his hip and leaned forward, bringing their skin back into contact. "I told you," he growled out, lining up the plug against Noah's stretched hole. "You're wearing this home."

He shoved the plastic in hard, and Noah gasped and panted, shivering. Luke gave a feral grin as he stepped back, reaching to straighten his pants. He tucked himself back in and zipped up, watching from the corner of his eye as Noah took a few deep, steadying breaths before he levered himself away from the wall and did the same. Luke didn't usually pay any attention to his fucks once they'd both gotten off, but he couldn't tear his attention from that hot body, even as Noah covered it up.

Luke was surprised when Noah's fingers wrapped around his wrist, pulling his hand out to lie flat. Something scratched on his palm, and Noah shot him a quick smirk as he let go.

"In case you decide you'd like another round," he said, before turning and disappearing among the grunting, fucking bodies. Luke looked down and saw numbers on his hand. A phone number.

He rolled his eyes. "You gotta be kidding me," he muttered, heading back toward the bar and, after just a moment's hesitation to survey the crowd, the front door. He pretended not to notice that he skipped his usual cleanup trip to the restroom before retrieving his coat and heading home.


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