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NOTES: Asterisks (*) indicate graphic sexual content, but other stories may contain non-graphic sexual references and adult language. Approximate word counts are in parentheses. ♥ indicates personal favorites. Note that some links may go to [livejournal.com profile] luke_noah, and some of these may be locked to members only there. AO3 links indicate that the story has also been posted to Archive Of Our Own.

Drabbles/ficlets (<1,000 words)

*After (450)
Nothing had ever felt so right, so good as Noah against him.
Amusement (730)
Noah forgot the heat, forgot the crowds, forgot everything other than Luke in his arms.
Boo-Boo (125)
Noah has a boo-boo.
Boys' Day Out (185)
"Luke, when I grow up, I wanna have a boyfriend, just like you!"
Confessing (810)
AU. Noah tells Luke what happened with Mason.
Ending (435)
"We need to talk." Reid didn't look up. "Inevitably," he said.
Favorite (840)
Their legs tangle, arms wrapped around each other, hands caressing.
Figuring It Out (740)
After dinner with Noah and his dad, Luke and Faith have a little chat.
Fluff (290)
Sweetness burst across Noah's taste buds, Luke's familiar flavor overlaid with an extra dose of sugar.
Four and Twenty Blackbirds (450)
Noah sat in an armchair, Jacob lying curled against his broad chest, sleeping like a ... well..
Full Circle (660)
Worth the wait, a little voice in his head whispered.
*Good (710)
"Talk first, handsyness later."
Goodbye (745)
"Luke ... I don't want to be your boyfriend any more." Not what you might expect.
*Homecoming (710)
It isn't just about Luke moving back in.
Happy (870)
Luke and Noah watch a movie together. Among other things.
Impulsive (590)
Mason confronts Luke.
In the Middle (550)
Luke wasn't really sure how they all ended up as friends.
Inside (240)
There was nothing tentative between them now.
Kleenex Romance (785)
As if being paralyzed from the waist down wasn't bad enough, now Luke had caught Noah's cold.
Months of Sundays (600)
A year in a life.
Music / Marshmallows / Macaroni (250/340/250)
Noah and the Snyder kids. Set in early January 2010.
Noah (670)
Noah laughs and smiles, eyes glowing
Noah At 16 (122)
Noah shies away from the question of whether he might be gay.
Paper Heart (143)
Ethan helps Luke and Noah reconcile.
Peppermint (530)
Luke is a bad patient. Noah is a patient boyfriend.
*Please (515)
Noah knew he was begging, but he was beyond caring.
Power (850)
When you ask him what will make him happy, it comes from your heart.
*Porn (900)
"Tell me which one you watch when I'm not around."
*Preflight (890)
Luke and Noah say goodbye. Temporarily.
Promise (220)
A ceremony, of sorts.
Rekindled (715)
They made love slowly, gently, so different from the feverish explosions of desire since their reunion but no less satisfying.
*Ride (900)
Noah's never done this, never been on top, riding Luke the way Luke loves to ride him.
Sickbay (362)
Noah and Ethan are on "couch arrest." Luke's taking care of them.
Stubborn (940)
"I think I'm a jinx."
Supernova (765)
Noah is alone with his thoughts. Well, not alone, exactly.
Weekend / Distraction / Going Under (160/140/250)
Three ficlets posted during a comment fic-a-thon at The Hayloft.
*You Better You Bet (160)
"Bet I can go without sex longer than you can."
*Untitled (~460)
Noah/other. Written on Twitter during a conversation about Noah's reactions to the summer 2010 storyline.
*With Tongue (~535)
Noah never hesitated, never paused.

Short stories (>1,000 to <10,000 words)

*Banquet (2,430)
Love is a banquet on which we feed.
*Breakdown (2,585)
"Ain't gonna be nothin' easy or gentle happenin' here tonight."
Christening (removed; original publication info coming soon here)
*Cold December (3,125)
It's not going to work like that," he said, his voice hoarse. "I can't ... I love you, Luke, but I can't do gentle right now."
*Day Off (4,600)
Luke, Noah, and a blissful Saturday.
*Different (1,530)
"I want to know what it was like, being with another man."
Five Ways Reid Oliver Didn't Die (and One Way He Did) (5,850)
Forever (1,530)
Luke laughed as Noah looked his way and their gazes caught and held, time stretching out like taffy around them.
Friends (1,070)
He forced himself not to blame her. There was already too much blaming people going around.
Hands (4,320)
Luke takes care of Noah.
*Home (3,720)
So after the LA trip, Luke told Noah to take him home ...
*Indiana (7,690)
Luke and Noah get sidetracked.
*Libidos (1,115)
Libidos have limits, but love doesn't.
Lights (1,275)
They watch fireworks explode over the City of Lights, and while it's breathtaking, it can't hold a candle to the sparks between them.
(It's Been A) Long Goodbye (9,700)
"Turns out once we got past all that 'fighting over the same guy' stuff, we actually get along pretty well."
Maturity (3,600)
He could find another boyfriend, but he'd never find another Noah.
Morning (1,355)
Noah could just see the tip of his turned-up nose and the curve of his cheek.
Necessary (1,150)
"If we're going to be together, I need you to choose me."
Need You Now (1,515)
LJ || AO3
There was no pattern to how often the calls came.
Packing (1,100)
Noah sat back down on the bed. "Won't need the Java shirts," he said, with a note of humor that gave Luke a surge of hope.
*Relax (1,740)
Luke and Noah relax together.
*The Rescue (3,230)
Luke had long ago giving up on thinking he couldn't possibly love Noah any more than he already did. Noah had proven time and time again that Luke's heart had an infinite ability to expand for him.
*Roadside (2,460)
"Out of gas, huh?" Noah's dry tone made Luke smile wider. "I think I saw a porno like this once."
*Scenario One (1,075)
Luke, Noah, and scenario number one.
Seconds (750)
Scene continuation from Thankgiving 2009.
Seeing Again (1,630)
He still didn't quite believe he'd be able to see, but if he did, he wanted Luke to be the first thing he saw.
*Shirts and Skins (2,270)
Luke and Noah play basketball, and other games of one-on-one.
*Sightlines (2,090)
The world outside didn't exist except as white noise, raindrops pinging against the windows.
Skeletons (4,450)
If Luke couldn't be there for Noah through his treatment, then Holden would take his place.
Smokescreen (1,140)
He didn't have a choice.
*Soundtrack (2,040)
Noah raised an eyebrow. "Madonna? Really?" His attempt to sound teasing was spoiled a bit by the fact that his voice was already down a couple of registers from usual.
Split (1,200)
Luke is alone with his thoughts.
*Tied (1,670)
Since Noah had moved into the farmhouse the month before, Luke had made a habit out of slipping into his room several nights a week, just to watch Noah sleep.
Turmoil (1,735)
I want you so much it's killing me not to drag you to bed right this second.
*Universe (2,260)
Noah shows Luke that sometimes sneaking around can be kind of fun.

Long stories (>10,000 words)

Boys of Summer (~34,690 for all parts)
AU. Luke and Noah meet at summer camp.

Brand New Day (~23,350 for all parts)
*Shape of My Heart (~36,600 for all parts)
*All This Time (~20,000 for all parts)
AU. Noah's arrival in Oakdale occurs under somewhat different circumstances.

*Fragile (28,000)
LJ || AO3
A heart's a fragile thing.

Iced (15,160)
Luke smiled wide and kissed him again, and Noah decided his life couldn't possibly get any better.

Memorial Day (10,685)
Part 1 || Part 2
Luke's body shook like a leaf, like the leaves spinning around outside in crazy circles as they'd run for cover.

Room With A View (16,060 words)
LJ || AO3
Luckily for him, Luke Grimaldi never had trouble finding exactly what he wanted.

*Route 66 (5,170)
The words hung in the air between them as their gazes locked, and Luke felt his heart speed up in his chest at the look in Noah's eyes.
*Highways and Byways (11,900)
Part 1 || Part 2
One brief encounter with Noah had already spoiled him for other men, a thought that made him smile into their kiss.


Half Life (~885)
Remix of [livejournal.com profile] neverwiser's Things, from Noah's point of view.

(with [livejournal.com profile] freakykat)
Luke cheats on Reid. With Noah.

Wrong by [livejournal.com profile] noelleleithe
Maybe by [livejournal.com profile] freakykat
Over by [livejournal.com profile] noelleleithe
Affliction by [livejournal.com profile] freakykat
Guilt by [livejournal.com profile] noelleleithe
Closure by [livejournal.com profile] freakykat
Memory by [livejournal.com profile] noelleleithe

*Running the Break (50,000)
(with [livejournal.com profile] carolinablu85 and [livejournal.com profile] dazzling_icer)
♥ Luke’s in Oakdale. Noah’s in LA. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

Writing exercises and drabbles

*A Thousand Words (1,000)
Ten drabbles: six Luke/Noah, two Van/Jake friendship, two Jansis.

Wikipedia drabbles

One-liners (includes some Jake/Van)

Removed stories
I have removed several stories in order to rework them for original publication. If you're looking for any of these titles, please check my author site for information on these and other original stories.

Accidentally in Love
Learning Curve
Model Student
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