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Title: Full Circle
Author: [livejournal.com profile] noelleleithe
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Luke/Noah
Warnings: Mild end-of-show spoilers.
Word count: ~660

Summary: Worth the wait, a little voice in his head whispered.

Author's notes: Was kicking around thoughts of what Noah's last scene might entail (based on Jake saying it was at the television studio). Here's what resulted. Beta by [livejournal.com profile] freakykat and [livejournal.com profile] escapes, who rock, as usual!


Noah turned slowly, letting the memories flood him, fill him up, like he'd been doing all day, every place he'd stopped in Oakdale. He'd need every bit of it. It might be a long, long time before he made it back.

WOAK started it all. The internship that brought him to Oakdale, that introduced him to Luke. Everything that had happened in his life since then was because of this station. Because of Kim Hughes, really, for hiring him sight unseen.

He really ought to send her flowers or something.


Noah turned and smiled, surprised, when he saw Luke standing a few feet away, next to the door to the old intern office where they'd first met. He took a few steps closer, drawn like a magnet to Luke, as always. Even after everything, after blindness and breakups and Reid.

"Hey yourself," he said. "What are you doing here? I didn't expect ... I mean, I thought when I left Java ..."

Luke grinned wide, dimples on full display. "You really didn't think I'd let you leave like that, did you?" he asked. He reached for Noah's hand, tangling their fingers like they'd been doing it every day all along, not like it had been months that felt like a lifetime.

"C'mon," he said, pulling Noah into the office. "Got a little something for you."

Noah followed without question, smiling. Luke pushed the door shut behind them and dropped Noah's hand, stepping over to the table and picking up a small box. "I didn't really know what to get you as a going-away present," he said, fiddling with the bow on the package. "But then I thought maybe ... maybe you'd like to take a little piece of Oakdale with you?"

Noah'd like to take a big piece of Oakdale with him, actually. A piece named Luke Snyder. But they weren't there, not yet. He hoped they would be, but he'd rather wait it out than rush and screw things up again.

Worth the wait, a little voice in his head whispered.

He reached for the box, watching Luke's face, seeing myriad emotions run across it. Now even more curious, Noah slid off the bow, pulled off the paper, and lifted the lid.

A tie?

No ... not just any tie.

He knew that tie.

He raised his head, meeting Luke's eyes, already watery and red. He bit his lip, feeling his own tears welling up, trying to hold them back.

He stretched out his hand toward Luke, still holding the box. "I've always had trouble with these things," he said, his voice shaky. "Don't suppose you could help me out?"

Luke lost the battle with the tears, the first few spilling out as took the box and pulled out the length of green striped material. He set the box on the table and took a step forward, sliding the tie around Noah's neck, neither of them caring that it didn't match anything Noah was wearing.

Noah's hands fell to Luke's hips automatically, force of years of practice, outdated though it might be. Luke's tongue slid out the corner of his mouth as he worked the knot, concentrating so thoroughly that Noah had to smile. Luke glanced up and caught it, and a blush rose on his cheeks.

"What, never seen a guy tie a tie before?" he asked, lifting a challenging eyebrow.

"Never seen one work quite so hard at it," Noah shot back.

Luke's hands slowed, slid away from the tie, coming to rest on Noah's chest, just below his collarbone. "Noah," he said, his voice low, urgent. Needy.

Noah leaned in until their foreheads touched, their breath mingling between them. "When you're ready," he whispered. "You know where to find me."

Luke smiled slowly, tilted his head up, brushed his lips across Noah's, just a promise of a kiss. "I will," he whispered back.

And in the end, that was really all Noah needed to take with him.
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